SEO vs. SMO: What is the difference, and why are you supposed to care?

SEO vs. SMO: What is the difference, and why are you supposed to care?

Online marketing is all about visibility and awareness. Most of the moment, people find your small business online in these ways: Your company comes up quickly in search engine results, You are referenced or suggested by another individual or website they visit, They already know about your company and are searching for you Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collection of strategies with the wide goal of getting more people to your website first. Social media optimization (SMO) can be one part of SEO in 2019 — but it also adds to finding you online in all three ways.

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What is Optimization for Social Media(SMO)?

SMO obviously has to do with social networks and their increasing company importance. This element of optimization is about improving the presence and online reputation of your company through interactive communities— not just Facebook and Twitter, but blogs, forums, and wherever your company is cited or socially connected.

Working with SMO can assist you to reinforce your brand and increase visibility, create leads and increase revenues, sales. Optimizing your social media creates familiarity with your company as well as trust, because customers will not only see you mentioned, but others will recommend you.

What SMO is Not If you're looking to boost your SMO, it's essential to maintain in mind that it's not optimization to have large numbers of contacts across social networks to your website. It is effectively counter productive for both SMO and SEO to join each Facebook business page, Google+ Community, and the LinkedIn group just to grow connections to your content.

When they come from someone else, social shares carry a lot more weight. Moreover, indiscriminate
link-spreading without engagement and participation will unfollow you in your social networks—
which in turn drives down your power.

You should focus on engaging with appropriate social audiences, contributing to discussions, and
posting your shares of authoritative content for your industry to improve SMO for your small business.

Google Hummingbird: Why You Need SMO Google silently launched a major revision of its search
algorithm in the last month or so. Because of its speed and accuracy, Dubbed Hummingbird changes
the way Google interprets search terms— and changes the weight of some factors that drive search
In calculating rankings now, social shares are more important and are likely to contribute even more in
the near future. The Hummingbird algorithm values relevant, authoritative and shared quality material.
So the more you've shared your content across social media, the greater your perceived quality— and
the better you're going to rank on Google.

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