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Master The Process of Keyword Discovery

Keyword discovery is the process of finding keywords that you want to rank for in search engines. With a keyword research tool, you can get your keyword search volume, CPC, and insights for all keywords you search. You will learn:  The keyword discovery process How to choose the right keyword research tool How to shortlist your best SEO keywords Get to know my favorite tool – LSIGraph Good keywords can make or break a SEO campaign. The quality of your keywords is the difference between a successful marketing campaign and a waste of time. The keywords you pick will determine the strategy you are going to take, hence keyword discovery is a crucial process for anybody who wants to grow their business.  To be honest, finding the right keywords is not easy. You can create the best content, build incredible backlinks, score #1 Google rankings and still get zero benefits in terms of business growth or revenue if you target the wrong keywords. To help you with this, you can use a n

Keyword Finder: Find The Right Keywords For Your Blogs

Keyword finders can help you to get valuable keywords for your content marketing. So choosing the best keyword research tool is crucial for your SEO success.  You will learn: They needed basic information about keywords. How to find relevant keywords in a short time Know 5 common keyword finders: LSIGraph, BiQ, Moz, Answer the Public, and Semrush. Whether you’re marketing a top 100 company or a startup, there’s little guarantee that your clients can find you online if you are not ranking for the right keywords. However, determining which keywords to work with and ensuring they aren’t too competitive is often a bit of a challenge. Here is when the keyword finder can make it as effortless as possible for you.  Here are some keyword research tips to carry out and a tool that can save your time. Understand about keywords: What is it? Keywords are the terms that search engine users use to find your website, pages, and products. If it weren’t for keywords, there would be no n

Seven Google alerts SEOs need to stay on top of everything!

30-second summary: The search landscape is very dynamic and almost impossible to stay abreast of While an SEO and search marketer’s email inbox can be overwhelming, it can also be a powerhouse that helps you stay in the loop of industry developments and keep an eye on the competition These must-have, free Google email alerts will notify you when your site traffic drops or spikes, when your site is hacked, or when there’s a manual penalty applied to your site SEO and search marketing are challenging because they’re scattered all over the place. Setting up email notifications is the best way to be on top of everything. Some essential email alerts include reputation monitoring alerts, competitors’ social media activity, new backlinks, and more. In fact, Google offers email alerts on both Google Analytics and Search Console which is an absolute need for any website owner. I’ll cover all the essentials you need to set up! Why are email alerts beneficial? Speaking of setting up a

Climb Your Rank with These 8 Free Keyword Generators

You can research your keywords and optimize your SEO with a free keyword generator. But which one? Find out the best one for you through these top 8 listings. You will learn: The importance of keywords in content marketing Know the top 8 best tools for finding relevant keywords. Content marketing is essential for making your business appear more in front of your customers.  However, there are several obstacles that you will face, especially when it comes to SEO and finding your keywords. For example, you want to rank for keyword A. Due to the nature of the semantic web, you need more related keywords in your content to send a stronger signal to Google that you are highly relevant to the topic. If not, you can’t expect the users to somehow find your website or blog posts on the SERPs. This is especially true if you don’t know what they are looking for and make the right use of keywords.  Search engines have become more sophisticated and are now able to identify pages that mak

The A – Z Of Keyword Ideas

You can find plenty of helpful tips for finding the best keyword ideas for SEO in this article. Go through this 5-step process, and then you can level up your business SEO content. You will learn: The importance of keywords in SEO. How to come up with the best list of keyword ideas Get to know one outstanding keyword generator that can help you find the relevant keywords – LSIGraph. Many new businesses don’t even consider doing keyword research, and because of this, they struggle to get visitors to their website, no matter how hard they try. Others simply go after keywords that are the most popular (but also very competitive) and fail to rank well in Search Engines. Still, keywords play an essential role in SEO. And we also understand that generating keyword ideas, especially the one that brings you traffic, is not easy work. I firmly believe that finding a standard and effective keyword research method is what everyone who has been working in the field of SEO is doing. This