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Six data-driven SEO strategies that optimize conversion rates

30-second summary: Since Google now focuses heavily on user experience, using data as a pillar to uncover consumer insights will drive your digital marketing success However, marketing teams still need to understand these sources and their areas of impact on the consumer’s experience Atul Jindal helps you cover the ground with his advice and case studies Studies have shown that businesses using data-driven strategies experience five to eight times higher ROI. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a process that largely depends on data. The core focus for most CRO strategies is to use consumer data to make their customer journey smoother and experience better. With search engines also increasing emphasis on user experience, we find a point where SEO strategies start to complement CRO strategies. But your SEO tactics can truly augment your CRO efforts when driven by data. In this article, I share six data-driven SEO strategies to supplement your CRO efforts. From content

Is your business optimized for Google Discover? This guide is for you!

30-second summary: Would you turn down an opportunity to acquire new customers without breaking the bank? Google Discover currently supports 800M users in exploration and is a great way to attract new audiences Joe Dawson covers the “why” and “how” in this comprehensive Google Discover optimization guide Even though spending on SEO plays such a major role in the online business sphere, most web admins spend their lives attempting to crack Google’s organic page ranking algorithms. As SEOs may or may not lose sleep over the latest updates, Google Discovery is surely a dreamy-eyed way to win more audiences. What is Google Discover? Discover is the brainchild that replaced Google Feed in 2018 and helps around   800M monthly active users with content exploration. Discover aims to push hand-selected news and articles directly to user feeds without the need for searching. Google builds a profile of users and supplies them with content considered relevant to individual interests.

Free Backlink Checker For Any Site | BacklinkGap

Building backlinks is a complicated process. Using a free backlink checker tool is one of the easiest ways to discover what you can do to boost your backlink profile. It can help you to conduct link research on both you or your competitors’ sites. You will learn: The basic information about backlink and link-building How to check your backlink and know your current profile Way to use a backlink checker – BacklinkGap If you want to rank on Google, you have no choice but to build links.  However, link building is time-consuming and hard. As you may have guessed it, you’ve got lots of work to do. Research, analyze, create, reach out, and be consistent. Thus, you also need to track whether your link profile and traffic improve. Manually checking and evaluating your backlinks is always going to be a boring process. So a backlink checker is designed and created for you.  Choose the best free backlink checker for your site’s needs and allow it to automate the process for you.  In

Reasons: Why I Switched from ConvertKit to ActiveCampaign (and you should too)

  Are you looking to decide between active campaign vs convertkit for your email marketing? I'll go over each email automation service in detail in this article to assist you pick which one to use. In this article you will see activecampaign review, activecampaign landing pages, activecampaign automation, competitors(activecampaign alternatives) and their features. "ConvertKit is great!" I would have shouted from the rooftops not long ago. ConvertKit is a must-have!" But now, just a few months later, I'm not ashamed to admit that I've fully altered my mind. "You should seriously consider switching from ConvertKit to ActiveCampaign!" I'm saying now.  You can also check activecampaign reviews and activecampaign competitors reviews on google search “activecampaign email marketing”. While I still recommend ConvertKit to some people (depending on their businesses), I believe activecampaign email marketing is the best option for a developing online bu

Keyword Rank Tracker: Track Positions & Monitor Your SEO

Keyword is a vital part of your SEO strategy. Knowing how you are doing with your keywords is as important. The keyword rank checker lets you track competitors’ keyword tactics and see how well they’re doing in organic search results.  You will learn: What you should pay attention for a higher ranking Why you need to know a keyword ranking Understand about keyword rank tracker How to choose the right keyword for your SEO 67.6% of all clicks go to the first five organic results in the search engine. Yes, it is an insane truth. If you fail to optimize your content marketing, you’re not able to reach more potential customers. As a result, you can’t achieve your business goals.  While doing SEO, you need to keep your eyes on your performance. But, how do you know if your keyword research and SEO strategy are working? A keyword rank tracker provides critical insight into how a website is performing in the SERPs. It will help you get a better idea of your website’s visibility bas

How to win at content creation, Esports, gaming, and web3 markets with SEO

30-second summary: SEO is vastly underutilized in the content creation industry How can internet marketing lead to success in Esports and gaming? Anthony DiMoro discusses the needed innovation during the content, gaming, and web3 boom Despite a strong track record and success model within the digital marketing world, for multiple decades, SEO still finds itself almost entirely abandoned in the new age markets of content creation, Esports, gaming, and web3 related properties. But, why is that? Why would businesses, brands, and creators operating in these spaces, reliant on success in a digital marketplace completely ignore SEO? Let’s explore why, and how things need to change as 2022 continues to show that the boom of these is not slowing down, but is also rapidly evolving. 1. Content creation and streaming There is no rhyme or reason as to why content creators (which includes streamers) fail to utilize SEO, considering the fact that their entire brand relies on success with