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Cancel culture and what brands should be doing

30-second summary: Social media platforms allow anyone to publicly call out people and brands when they did or said something offensive or abusive Cancel culture is public outrage targeting an individual celebrity or a brand for their public statements or actions How do you keep your brand safe from being canceled in 2022 and beyond? If you were affected by cancel culture, how do you control the damage and recover your brand image? Let’s find out! In 2021, major celebrities and brands like J.K Rowling, Ellen DeGeneres, Netflix, L’Oréal, and McAfee faced the wrath of netizens due to their actions, either intentional or unintentional – this was cancel culture in full throttle. People want to hold brands and celebrities accountable (at least for most of it) and marketers need to acknowledge that it is here to stay. According to PEW research, 58 percent of U.S. adults say in general, calling out others on social media is more likely to hold people accountable. While there are

Guide to Search Intent: Critical Part Of SEO

Understanding the search intent of your audience can make your content more relevant to them. By doing so, your websites can increase traffic & conversions through SEO and content enhancements.  You will learn: Foundation about search intent: its importance and types. How to know and optimize search intent. What to pay attention to while understand the search intent. An effective website should provide readers the information right when they need it most. Such informative websites will probably get a lot of readers and low bounce rates. In order to achieve that, identifying the user’s search intent behind each query is a way for SEOs and content creators to deliver better value to users.   This article will show you the search intent and how to optimize for each type of intention now. A keyword research tool like BiQ Keyword Intelligence can be an important tool to help you. What is a Search Intent? Search intent, or User intent, is the main goal a user has when typing

How to Find & Fix Backlinks With A Broken Link Checker

Checking any website or webpage for broken links in seconds is difficult when we are doing it manually. A broken link checker is what you need to find dead internal and external backlinks. You will learn: The need to monitor backlinks and identify broken links How to find broken backlinks What to do to keep the quality of your backlink and grow. One of the most effective ways to increase your online business is through backlinks. But your backlink profile is not always filled with quality links, sometimes you will experience broken links. And, you need to fix these links to keep your website quality in Google’s eyes. That’s what we’re talking about today, along with how to manage your backlinks building. What you need to know about backlink building What are backlinks? Backlinks are incredibly valuable for SEO as they are still one of the top 3 factors in Google ranking. This is because these backlinks are seen as a vote of some sort from one website to the other.  There

2022 Search ads 360 update: What you need to know

30-second summary: Search Ads 360 platform has seen one of its biggest updates in 10 years Performics’ Senior Media Manager, Alex Medawar shares key highlights of the updates around budget optimization, performance monitoring, and inventory management Google recently announced a new update to its Search Ads 360 platform – and it’s a big one. SA360 has gotten even more powerful since it was first launched over 10 years ago, making it simpler than ever for commercial enterprises to manage their search advertising efforts. A select number of Search Ads 360 users finally gained preview access this past month. The new platform experience will start rolling out over the coming months while allowing users to continue access in the classic experience. In this article, I outline what’s new and share effective ways to make the most of your budgets and inventory in the Search Ads 360 platform. 1. Greater support for alternative channels One of the Search Ads 360 updates includes gr

The Best Tips & Tool for Free Keyword Generator

To make keyword research easier, you need to use the right tool and apply the right tips. The right keyword generator can give you thousands of relevant keywords quickly and help you save a lot of time. You will learn: What and why doing keyword research is important. 5 steps to do free and effective keyword research Creating content for the right audience and reaching them at the right time requires the right keywords to target. Thus, the success of an online marketing campaign lies in good keyword research. That all goes with the relevant keywords. That is why finding the right keywords is so important in SEO. Once you find common phrases that people use to search for things, you can adjust your content strategy and optimize them to rank for those phrases. A keyword generator is a great tool for researching keywords, making it one of the survival kits for your SEO works.  In this article, you can know the exact steps to find your right keywords, with the help of the right t

Online brand protection: trusted automated monitoring is key

Even though consumers enjoy having the world at their fingertips, they have become all too aware of how much their personal data is abused. According to the Nielsen 2021 Trust in Advertising Survey , 36 percent of respondents distrust ads on social networks, while 36 percent distrust ads served in search engine results. “As people more frequently shop online, they’ve realized the top ads are not necessarily the best option,” says Josh Stephens, director of Digital Marketing at CWT, one of the biggest travel companies worldwide. “If consumers do not recognize the company name, they will not pay attention, so the ads are becoming a sort of screen blind spot.” Daniel Creed, head of marketing, planning and effectiveness at Santander UK adds: “As media (particularly online and social channels) attracts increasing public scrutiny and politicization, brands increasingly risk becoming embroiled in controversy seemingly by their mere presence on a given platform at the wrong time.” Fraudule

Here’s what an ROI-worthy search advertising budget looks like in 2022

30-second summary: Digital marketers experience a potential ROI tunnel vision when it comes to search advertising Seriously, do you need to burn dollars over those high-competition keywords? Does it trickle down into actual business? How do you not lose vision and outweigh the paid search cost with your revenue? We’re bringing you the finer details of designing a paid media budget straight from an SEO expert and serial entrepreneur It’s a bit of an understatement to say that success in digital marketing depends on a whole lot of things. There’s your skill-set, your team that helps you, and your understanding of the market where you’re trying to make a dent, either for yourself or your clients. But how often do you think about your budget? Specifically, we’re talking about your search advertising budget here. On its face, running paid media ads on Google Ads , the Google Display Network, Facebook, Microsoft, and other platforms is pretty simple: you bid on your keywords, de