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Shopify SEO: How to limit your reliance on canonicals and boost crawl efficiency

30-second summary: Reducing reliance on canonical tags can improve product URL discovery on Shopify How you structure your products on Shopify can determine how well these pages perform Shifting reliance from canonical tags to rich internal anchor text helps build relevancy Can anything stop the relentless rise of Shopify? Back in 2012, the landscape was dominated by WordPress, Magento, and Joomla. Fast-forward 10 years and many in the industry now see Shopify as the leading ecommerce platform, with the others going from leaders to laggards. There are of course multiple reasons for Shopify’s rise to prominence, but arguably one of the biggest factors is that the platform is much more technically accessible than other ecommerce infrastructure providers. Getting your head around a fresh Magento install or working out how Joomla works (which is still a mystery to me till date!) often requires a certain level of technical know-how. And, if you don’t possess it, then you need to

Why organic SEO might be your best option during high inflation

30-second summary: Content that provides genuine answers to people also ask (PAA) questions attracts consumers to a brand’s owned media Be an early adopter that considers experimenting with the ever-changing social media features Creating thought leadership content is key to your organic SEO initiatives International content marketing requires an in-depth discussion of the brand’s business plan in each region In today’s digital-first world, the connection between a consumer and a brand is continually changing, mostly due to the rise of search engines and, most recently, user-generated content (UGC) on social media. Search engines and social platforms make virtually all of the world’s information readily available to users. Now, recovering from a global pandemic and being on the verge of another probable recession are hardly the ideal economic conditions imagined. Advertisers are still eager to expand their reach through paid media but the inflated prices are not delivering t

Four ways to get smart with no-code or low-code methods: a detailed overview of JSON LD

30-second summary: Low-code and no-code technologies are becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes, and a leading example is JSON LD They allow businesses to create websites and applications with little to no coding experience There are many benefits including saving businesses a lot of time and money They can also help your SEO efforts by presenting linked data in a format that’s meaningful to search engines A burning challenge in a world of IoT and technology is the need to stay ahead of the curve. As more and more businesses adopt cutting-edge technologies, those that lag behind will inevitably be left behind. This is especially true in the field of SEO services, but also in website development and design. In order to stay competitive, businesses must constantly update their websites with the latest trends and technologies. A prime example of this is low-code and no-code technologies. These technologies are becoming increasingly popular among businesses

How do you use SEO to scale revenue and market share?

30-second summary: When the economy and business take a hit, marketing is the first to suffer budget cuts If you are asking, “should I give up my SEO?”, this article is all you need Best-selling author and serial entrepreneur, Kris Jones shows you five ways SEO can help you achieve revenue Of all the ways to start driving real growth and expanding a business, SEO might not be the first method people generally consider. After all, SEO doesn’t directly make you online sales, right? Isn’t it just all about Google and showing up in position one? Is it just about vanity? This kind of view is shortsighted and doesn’t appear to take the whole story into account. We live now in a time when online markets have gotten so competitive that some people are still asking if SEO is dead. What’s the translation of that question? “Do I even stand a chance on Google anymore with all these competitors crowding up the SERPs? Should I give up my SEO?” The answer, of course, is no. SEO isn’t de

Data speaks: Link relevancy trumps volume for SEO

30-second summary: Earned media coverage is more valuable than ever for your website Digital PR is just as important as technical SEO A large volume of links is the goal, what’s stopping someone from picking the most newsworthy idea, even if it has nothing to do with your client? In 2022, it’s impossible to deny the benefit that digital PR as a tactic has on an organic growth strategy. Earned media coverage is more valuable than ever for your website. You could be doing everything right for SEO, but if you’re not building links, you’re still missing out on the increased search visibility, organic traffic, and brand awareness that backlinks bring to your business. Last year, Google’s John Mueller finally weighed in on digital PR as a tactic and confirmed what we’ve all known for a while now: that it’s just as important — if not more — as technical SEO. I love some of the things I see from digital pr, it's a shame it often gets bucketed with the spammy kind of link build

How do videos help your SEO strategy?

Everyone is talking about creating and marketing videos these days. The marketing benefits are clear: Videos spread well, generate engagements on social media and are able to still attract attention in our world of information overload. But can videos also enhance your SEO strategy?  Well, we don’t know everything about Google’s ranking signals, so we cannot be sure if there’s a direct factor there. Whether Google “likes” pages with videos on them more than pages without videos remains a secret. But there are more indirect SEO benefits that are contributing here: 1. SERP real estate Videos are taking a lot of real estate within Google’s search result pages, both on mobile and desktop. Google uses so-called “ video carousels ” to display related videos for many search queries. In fact, on a mobile device, a video carousel takes the whole screen, and for many search queries it takes quite some time to scroll past: Image source: Screenshot by the author According to Mozcast , vid