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SEO doesn’t have to be scary: shift from a reactive to proactive strategy

30-second summary: SEO is a reality that all marketers face and many try to steer clear of as they devise an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy that is reactive in nature Begin by familiarizing yourself with Google’s Page Quality Rating Guidelines Create a sound SEO strategy to use every time you start the content creation process, include – researching audience needs, keyword considerations, and internal linking Make sure to clean up and update your existing content so that it doesn’t drag down new, SEO-optimized content SEO can be vague. It is nuanced. It is always in a state of evolution. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is a very real factor that impacts your marketing, whether you plan for it or not.  Many marketers discover the powerful effects of SEO when it’s too late. Their content is already underperforming. It isn’t ranking for the right keywords. It isn’t retaining readers and has a low dwell time.  Fixing the issue of bad SEO wastes time and re

Are the days of pure organic growth over for apps?

30-second summary: Has it become nearly impossible to cut through the noise of six million apps in app stores? For app marketing to be effective, it has to take into consideration the whole ecosystem that affects your app’s marketing performance Whether it is app store optimization (ASO) or combining organic and paid user acquisition, marketers need to look at data holistically and ask the right questions when analyzing app performance A successful app marketing strategy understands the correlation between ASO and paid user acquisition efforts You need to understand how your paid funnel impacts organic growth and vice versa Whether you like it or not, apps have become a day-to-day standard for businesses and consumers. There is an app for everything, whether it is shopping, banking, travel, or gaming.  In fact, a recent survey has found that 88 percent of mobile time is spent within apps. According to Statista’s data from Q2 of 2022, there are more than six million apps ac

Social Media Management - Tips For Nonprofits

Social Media dominates the way we communicate in the 21st Century.  Here are some social media management tips that can help nonprofits maximise their efficacy using this tool. Social Media for Nonprofits As a nonprofit, you know that social media is a powerful tool to reach new donors and volunteers, engage current supporters, and promote your cause.  But with so many platforms and options, it can be hard to know where to start—or how to make the most of your time and resources. Here are some tips for using social media effectively as a nonprofit: 1. Define your goals. Before creating content or posting randomly, take some time to think about what you want to achieve with your social media presence.   Do you want to raise awareness of your cause ?   Increase engagement from your current supporters? Attract new donors or volunteers?   Once you know what your goals are, you can create a strategy for achieving them. 2.  Use the right platform for your audience. Not all social media pla

How to manage SEO clients’ expectations

30-second summary: SEO is expensive, yet offers no tangible guarantees in terms of rankings or traffic. No wonder so many business owners are confused All SEO clients are different. It is important to understand their prior experience in SEO before developing your relationship management strategy with each of them. Getting to know a new lead and their decision-makers will help you position your service in a more useful and easy-to-understand way Educating clients is often necessary for them to know what to expect from an SEO service SEO is an often misunderstood industry. I’ve seen quite a few business owners who assume that an SEO consultant has some sort of magic button that can boost the site’s organic search visibility within a certain amount of time. While a decade ago that may have been the case, the SEO industry has evolved far beyond manipulative tactics that (to be quite frank) used to work like a charm in the past. Today’s SEO is about making websites better, on a

Ecommerce SEO guide for the 2022 holiday season

30-second summary: Global recession and cost of living crisis will not dampen the gifting spirit and consumer spending For the 2022 holiday season, ecommerce retailers forecast $262 billion in revenue which surpasses the $205 billion benchmark from 2021 If you found yourself Googling “ideas to boost ecommerce holiday season revenue” we have answers for you! Our latest guide uncovers the 8 sides of a robust, proven-to-work ecommerce SEO strategy that will help propel your sales Holiday season brings with it many things. One of them being ecommerce revenue. Despite the global recession and cost of living crisis, the 2022 holiday season will see people spending. Economists at Deloitte forecast ecommerce revenue of around $262 billion which is a 13.5 percent growth. The question here is, how do you get a share of this $260 billion ecommerce pie? By working on improving your ecommerce SEO. Source: Axios Search engines push 37.5 percent of all traffic to ecommerce sites, and