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Move on from these nine fundamental content marketing myths

30-second summary: Content does not equal authority: Creating content doesn’t automatically makes you an authority Automation is good but don’t hinder creativity and expertise with smart AI tools Not all of your content is going to rank or go viral, but will help you understand and strategize according to your target audience Are you happy with how your content marketing strategy performs? Chances are, you are (or your marketing team is) doing it wrong, and, from experience, those mistakes are often fundamental. Content marketing is more than content that ranks – it’s the most effective way to promote your brand. However there are too many myths that prevent your content marketing strategy from working. Here are the most common ones: Producing content makes me an authority It is still surprisingly a widespread phenomenon: Someone publishes their first article and expects to wake up famous. Just because you produce content it doesn’t make you an authority on your industr

Three must-have GA4 SEO reports you can build in under 30 minutes

30-second summary: If conveying the value to C-suite wasn’t challenging enough, SEOs are now having to deal with the GA4 shift Does your SEO reporting take hours or days? Is it too detailed, or not detailed enough? Buy back some time for a cuppa and a catch-up, use this super-detailed guide that will save you hours and get you the most effective GA4 reports Have you experienced this… desperately trying to find where your favorite GA3 reports are hiding inside the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? The process can feel daunting for all teams–including SEO teams looking to trace the impact of their search engine optimization efforts on the website’s overall performance. That is because many GA3 (also known as Universal Analytics) reports are either difficult to locate or need to be custom-built from scratch inside the new GA4. That’s where these three reports come in! Here are the three GA4 SEO “P” reports we will be creating together in GA4 1. SEO Pages report Which of our web

Is your SEO performance a dumpster fire? Here’s how to salvage it

30-second summary: A failing SEO strategy can happen to the best of us No doubt it’s disheartening when your competitors are miles ahead and your business is struggling to bring in new leads Founder of LSEO and best-selling author, Kristopher (Kris) Jones provides comprehensive steps and advice on how you can salvage your SEO performance Dumpster fires: surely they can’t happen to you. Right? But before you know it, your website’s traffic has tanked, your competitors are getting all the organic love, and you couldn’t get a conversion if your life depended on it. Folks, if your SEO performance sounds like that, you might just have a dumpster fire on your hands. A failing SEO strategy can happen to the best of us. There’s no doubt it’s disheartening when your competitors are all miles ahead of you and your business isn’t bringing in new leads. The good news is that it’s never too late to turn things around. When is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. When’s the

How to harness RankBrain for ecommerce websites

30-second summary: Let’s make this clear, RankBrain is not a Google algorithm, it is a component of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm RankBrain is a powerful AI-based system that helps Google understand search queries better and generate more accurate results If you want to break through the clutter of 12+ million ecommerce websites, marketers need to understand and align with Google’s RankBrain-driven search algorithm This step-by-step guide will help you make RankBrain work in favor of your ecommerce website’s search visibility Lack of search engine visibility is one of the top reasons ecommerce businesses fail. And it is understandable why. Data shows that 38 percent of an ecommerce store’s traffic comes through organic sources. When an ecommerce website fails to rise in the search results, it loses touch with a massive chunk of its prospects. And with around 12 to 24 million ecommerce websites out there, disappearing in the search results and failing to interact with the