The Search Engine Watch Top 5!

First, congratulations on surviving 2022, you’ve done great! 2022 was surprising, unique, and a challenging mix of several global events that kept us on our toes as consumers, brands, and search marketing professionals. The recession, great resignation, a war, FIFA finale, and several silent battles we all fought by ourselves. As we recap the year gone by, let’s look at the world through the lens of search, SEO, analytics, and content creation. Source 2022 has been about… Looking at your consumers as human beings and not just data sets Understanding how your target consumers perceive the world and how they experience life in a digital age Tailoring and testing your strategies to meet consumers in their moment of need – all without losing budget (or your sanity!) Finding most-effective tools, technologies, and talent to navigate business uncertainty We present to you the #SEWTop5 A countdown of editor’s picks that the Search Engine Watch community loved and found great

The ultimate 2022 Google updates round up

30-second summary: 2022 saw nine confirmed updates (including two core updates,) five unconfirmed instances where volatility was observed in page rankings, and one data outage that caused chaos for 48 hours Video and commerce sites were the biggest winners in the May core update, while reference and news sites lost out most, especially outlets without industry specificity This theme largely continued and saw ripple effects from the helpful content update What were these ebbs and flows, who won, who lost? Let’s find out! Joe Dawson takes us through another round-up post that gives you the complete picture of Google’s moves Only three things are certain in this life – death, taxes, and an industry-wide hubbub whenever Google launches an algorithm update. Like any year, 2022 has seen substantial changes in how the world’s largest search engine manages traffic and page rankings, with some businesses winning and others losing out. Arguably the most significant change in 2022 is

Google market pulse for search marketers

30-second summary: Google is always testing new spots on the page for SERP components In simple terms, the #1 position in organic or paid ads does not guarantee that your paid ad listing will be visible without scrolling Organic position #1 reported by Google Search Console is not the actual position 1 on page A lot of anomalies and assumptions impact your paid and organic clicks – is there a smart way to counter this problem? Leading advisor and performance marketing expert, Prasanna Dhungel unravels four key insights marketers to maximize performance marketing initiatives in 2023 Over the last two decades, Google’s search engine results page (SERP) has evolved a lot. The Google SERP, which once only had organic listings now features dynamic paid ads and other organic SERP components as well. Currently, Google SERP has many organic features like – People also ask (PAA), Popular products, featured snippets, Google MAP, image packs, videos, Tweets, and many more that

How much impact can visual identity have on your organic visibility?

30-second summary: A visual identity is all the graphic elements that represent your brand making it unique and recognizable When visual identity is build consistently across several channels, it builds brand recognizability which in turn improves conversions Visual branding elements often show up for brand-driven search results allowing users to remember them well Commercial and informational queries often contain visual results as well, so they can reinforce brand presence if you brand all your visual assets consistently To build a strong visual identity in organic SERPs, create lots of original images, cross-publish them on multiple channels and use best SEO practices when using them on your site What is visual identity? A visual identity is a collection of graphic elements that represent and differentiate a brand. It can be a logo, a tiny element of a logo, a color palette, a unique font – or any combination of all of these visual branding elements that make a brand

2023, the year of SEO: why brands are leaning in and how to prepare

30-second summary: As marketing budgets inevitably tighten, the demand for cost-effective and dependable channels such as SEO continues to increase Some of the critical updates and algorithm changes in 2022 give marketers a heads-up on where to focus in 2023 SEO and content marketers need to create better processes and work in tandem to achieve business goals The days of set-and-forget SEO are over, organizations must utilize SEO in multiple ways With marketing budgets under more scrutiny than ever, savvy organizations are looking towards SEO for sustained growth. Incorporating organic search into the digital strategy offers rich rewards – both in terms of cost efficiency and improved brand equity – that can contribute to an entire organization. As such, marketers have embraced this approach to maximize returns on marketing and technology expenditure. In this article, I explain why SEO is so hot, what has changed in 2022, and what to capitalize on in 2023. According to rese

How do you hire an SEO manager?

30-second summary: Business leaders struggle to hire SEO managers, and often wonder if they need one SEO visibility is key to business success and is hard to increase your customer base and sales SEO is a great contributor to brand growth and essentially needs the right mindset This is a checklist to help you hire the right fit for your business If you’re looking to improve your website’s search engine ranking, you may be wondering how to go about hiring an SEO manager. It can be a daunting task, but with the right information, it can be more straightforward than you think. In this article, we will discuss some of the things you should consider when hiring an SEO manager. We’ll also provide some tips on how to make sure your team works well together and gets the most out of your SEO manager. Why hire an SEO manager? Without an SEO manager, it’s often difficult to know where to start when it comes to improving your website’s search engine visibility. And without valuable or

Balancing paid and organic search strategies for optimum success

30-second summary: Even though it is evident that SEO and PPC are great tools, these two disciplines work in silos In fact, these teams and channels mostly work on their own in silos and are often handled separately Accenture Song’s SEO Manager, Michael McManus discusses how businesses can combine paid and organic SEO to function as one value-add unit SEO and PPC are a must-have in your arsenal when planning your marketing strategy. Depending on what they are looking to do, most companies tend to choose one over the other, if they are looking to increase their rankings and get traffic from organic search, then they will go with SEO,  whereas PPC focuses on getting instant “paid for” traffic from such areas as search, social, and display. Both SEO and PPC are great tools to boost your site/brand’s authority as well as help generate more traffic and sales for your business. But these two teams/channels tend to work on their own in silos and are often handled separately. Now wh

Six local link-building tactics for small businesses

According to a study by Moz, backlinks are essential for local packs and localized organic ranking factors, in summary, it’s the backbone of any successful SEO campaign. Unlike general link-building tactics, location has more impact on local link-building. Therefore, you need to get links from local sites which have locational relevance to your website. In this post, I’ll be showing you 6 ways to find solid local link prospects that will help you rank higher on Google. How to build local links Since the goal is to drive more local traffic to your site, here’s how you can improve your ranking with local links. 1. Join your niche-relevant business association One of the best ways to build local links is through niche backlinks. Niche backlinks are like targeted advertising. They help you reach your target audience and convert them in no time. You can get these kinds of links by joining your niche-relevant business association. Conduct a targeted search for legitimate business ass